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Body Sculpting: Tummy Tuck New York

Tummy Tuck Surgery (abdominoplasty) is performed to give the patient a smooth, lower belly contour. This is usually necessary after multiple pregnancies, major weight loss, or minor weight gain. Exercise and dieting often can not effectively control the “pooching out” of this area as the tissues have been too excessively stretched.

How is it Done?

Tummy TuckTummy Tucks (abdominoplasty) is a quick and very effective way to regain a beautiful profile. Tummy tucks can be performed in the office or the hospital ambulatory surgery unit. An incision is made on the lower portion of the belly which resembles a “W” spread open wide. (The so-called “lazy W” incision.) The scar is strategically placed so it will be hidden even when a low-cut bathing suit is worn. The skin and the fat layer is then elevated up to the lower edge of the patient’s ribs. The skin is then pulled down (not unlike a window shade) and the excess tissue is removed. Frequently, sutures are added to the muscular level of the abdominal wall in order to help make it flat. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures. Two drains are placed to collect fluid and will remain for several days. The overall result is a smooth, flat and more youthful belly.

What Happens After my Surgery?

The patient is instructed to wear an abdominal binder ( a garment which resembles an elastic corset) for several weeks in order to insure favorable healing. After several days, the drains are removed in the office. Depending on how fast the patient is healing, any heavy lifting or exercise should be avoided for about 4 weeks. Most patients can return to work after 10 days to 2 weeks.


Can't I have Liposuction instead of a Tummy Tuck?

Liposuction is a preferred technique for isolated pockets of fat on the legs, belly and hips. Therefore not all patients are candidates for liposuction. To be effective, there must be less fat to remove and little excess skin. However if the lower belly tissues are excessively stretched, abdominoplasty is indicated. Occasionally the two techniques can be used together, but this must be done very carefully.

I want to lose a lot of weight. Can I have a Tummy Tuck?

abdominoplasty should not be confused with a quick way to become slim for the overweight individual. On the contrary, many patients may need to diet before this surgery can be performed.

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