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New York Plastic Surgery

I love being a Plastic Surgeon. More specifically, I love being a Manhattan Plastic Surgeon.

New York City is one of the most interesting and dynamic cities in the world. Its population mirrors this diversity. Even though a patient may come to me for a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, gynecomastia or liposuction, no two patients and no two of their concerns, are ever the same. There are ethnic, cultural and personal preferences that I always have to keep in mind. For example, an Asian woman does not want the same result from eyelid surgery that a Latin woman might. An older businessman may want a facelift with only a subtle change, while a recently divorced middle aged woman may want a procedure with a more pronounced look. It is my job as a surgeon to translate every patient’s desires in to surgical reality for them. That’s why a thorough and indepth consultation is of the utmost importance.

During this time together, I to try to understand each patient on a more individual level which then helps me give them the kinds of results that they’re looking for. Besides a thorough medical history and physical examination, I believe it’s also important to take into account a patient’s age, occupation and body type. A larger woman who desires a breast reduction should indeed have smaller breasts but not ones that are inappropriately too small. By the same token, an older man should not have eyelid surgery that makes him look too young. As a Plastic Surgeon this makes for challenging work but I enjoy it very much. Everyday affords me the opportunity to make people’s lives better. That’s why, for me, being a New York Plastic Surgeon is the best job in the world.